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Matching Opening Repertoire

Chess students who have strong tactical and strategic skills and who are familiar with basic endgames are ready to start building an opening repertoire.

The most important principle to follow while working on an opening repertoire is the matching principle, meaning that chess openings should be matched with student’s style of play and with student’s memory ability.

Style of play is usually difficult to change.  Some chess players have strong feel for open positions with multiple tactical possibilities.  Other players prefer closed positions with heavy strategic play.  Instead of trying to change style of play, it is usually more beneficial for players to make sure that the openings they study lead to comfortable types of positions.  For example, it makes complete sense for attacking tactical players to study sharp openings, such as main lines of 1) e4 for white and Sicilian and King’s Indian for black.  Yet, the same sharp openings might be a poor choice for positional players.

Memory ability is also difficult to change.  Some players have excellent memory abilities and can easily remember long opening lines.  Other players have average memory abilities and have difficulties memorizing complex opening theory.  For players with excellent memory, it makes sense to play complicated irrational openings with long lines.  For player with average memory, it is better to play logical openings with smaller amount of theory where the success in opening stage mostly depends on understanding of ideas.

I have an extensive experience working with both sharp attacking players and positional players and helping them build matching opening repertoire. 


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